From Grand Cru to Grand Qru

Top grand crus are extremely expensive.
Petrus, Mouton Rothschild, Sassicaia, ... Legendary toppers that speak to the imagination.
Every wine lover is curious about their taste and style. How much they cost ? Unfortunately, 200 euros to 2,000 euros per bottle.

Grand Qru brings you affordable alternatives
Fortunately, delicious wine does not always have to be priceless to be. Blind tastings prove time and time again that wines can approach top grand crus in taste and quality at a fraction of the price.
At Grand Qru, written with the Q of pure quality, you can discover them.

Drink what experts drink
We focus on the best professionals in the world. And of course Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers. Bearers of the highest international wine titles. We
present expensive benchmark wines with the question of which excellent alternatives they make know. We centralize their tips on our site so that we can find them if we want delicious wine to buy. Easy, knowledgeable and reliable.

For example:
If you are curious about Mouton Rothschild, you will learn what you need in one click buy it instead within your budget.

We will launch our platform, with all tips & advices from experts to you. Totally for free!
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We are looking forward to toast together with you, of course with an excellent wine!

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